Various experiments and techniques

Like most designers, I like playing about with different techniques and approaches, this sometimes leads into actual work and other times it's just done for fun. I've got a lot more to add to this section.

Transparency effects
Whilst working on the Wolstenholme project, I tried playing about with ways of making an interesting multicoloured image and came up with this, looks a bit like a psychedelic multicoloured tartan!

Coloured smoke effect
Again for the Wolstenholme project, I had tried this out using a base silver metallic, in this case it looked much better just in 4 colours.

Multiple exposure photography
I've always liked this effect and ended up using the technique for one of the Concert Hall covers.

The Streetlight Conspiracy – Proposed creative approach
I thought the name of the band gave me scope to play about with lighting and projection, I quite liked the idea of shining light into darkened corners as a visual response to the band name and meaning behind it.

Hexagonal Pixelation
Not quite sure where I'm going with this, but I'm sure I can get some interesting effects with some further messing about.

Angled Pixelation